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4 Add ability to edit track labels while in the sequence page New Feature trusktr ensonic
5 When undoing a machine deletion (in Machines tab), the connection to machine it was conected to should also be restored. Bug trusktr
6 Undoing the movement of a machine doesn't redraw the machine's connection. Bug trusktr ensonic
7 When messing with the forward and backward buttons, the song speed will increment indefinitely on its own! Bug trusktr
8 Remeber the state of the machine preset panels. Improvement trusktr ensonic
9 Show which preset is selected at all times in the properties dialog. New Feature trusktr ensonic
10 Create the keyboard shortcut editor for the preferences window. Improvement trusktr trusktr
11 Drag and drop re-ordering of tracks. Improvement trusktr trusktr
12 Two labels for machines: custom name and machine name. New Feature trusktr trusktr
13 Use 'alt' instead of 'win' key in sequence view for changing the end-of-loop position. Improvement trusktr ensonic
14 Saving a song doesn't save the mute or solo state of tracks. Bug trusktr ensonic
15 Sometimes pressing the Bug trusktr
16 Remember the state of the octave setting in the pattern view. New Feature trusktr ensonic
17 Each time that a loop is repeated, the visual indicators seem to get ahead of the sound. Bug trusktr
18 Fluidsynth has trouble loading sound fonts. Improvement trusktr
19 Segmentation fault in g_object_unref () Bug trusktr
20 G_IS_OBJECT(object) fails in raise() from /lib/libc.so.6 Bug trusktr
21 When loading songs with waves they load as Bug ensonic ensonic
22 Older songs don't load in most recent revision (3539) Bug trusktr ensonic
23 Changing the state of machine preset panels, pattern octave settings, or mute/solo buttons should enable the ability to save the song. Improvement trusktr ensonic
24 When adjusting machine volume or pan on the little cable widget, allow numerical input from the keyboard. :D New Feature trusktr
25 Make the sound start instantly on key press when playing notes and triggers while editing the pattern. Improvement trusktr ensonic
26 Create the ability to change the ticks per beat of an individual pattern. New Feature trusktr
27 When you change the name of a pattern, the name should also change in the Sequence view for all ocurrences. Improvement trusktr ensonic
28 Put labels for all the columns in the Pattern view. New Feature trusktr trusktr
29 showing wire analyzers in a unconnected wire locks up Bug ensonic ensonic
30 Numpad doesn't work Bug Stutter ensonic
31 Can't route through LADSPA plugins Bug Stutter ensonic
32 sample properties don't save Bug Stutter ensonic
33 jhbuild does not compile from git Bug waffel ensonic
34 compilation error on gentoo for buzzard Bug waffel ensonic
35 Loop button is ignored sometimes. Bug trusktr ensonic
36 Pressing 'U' or 'M' to write a B note behaves like pressing '.'. Bug trusktr ensonic
38 gst-buzztard ask for C++ compiler without need Bug RedDwarf ensonic
39 gobject-introspection files are not installed in the correct path Bug RedDwarf ensonic
40 buzztard: Option needed to not run update-mime-database Improvement RedDwarf ensonic
41 Wrong version tag in .desktop file Bug RedDwarf ensonic
42 buzztard 0.6.0: BuzztardCore-0.0.gir is not generated Bug RedDwarf ensonic
43 buzztard 0.6.0: Outdated COPYING file Bug RedDwarf ensonic
44 segfault in libbml 0.6.1 x86-32 Bug RedDwarf ensonic
45 wine plugins are searched in the wrong path Bug RedDwarf
46 bmltest_info crash Bug RedDwarf ensonic
47 jhbuild for buzztard module fail Bug waffel
48 Highlight the first tick of every beat in the pattern view. New Feature trusktr trusktr
49 Buzztard crashes when deleting Matilde-Tracker. Bug trusktr ensonic
50 compile error on buzztard core Bug waffel ensonic
51 cannot build gst-buzztard Bug waffel waffel
52 gbd stacktrace for "gst_audio_buffer_clip: assertion on segment->format failed" Bug waffel ensonic
53 cannot use FSM_ArpMan Bug waffel ensonic
54 renaming a machine breaks pattern ids Bug ensonic ensonic
56 scrolling in sequence does not work Bug waffel ensonic
57 signal analyser does not always work when activated while playing Bug waffel ensonic
59 Double click on pattern in sequence view to edit the pattern. Improvement waffel trusktr
60 grayout the wave-selector Improvement waffel ensonic
61 switching between windows destroys switched window Bug waffel
62 SIGTRAP while try to remove machine Bug waffel ensonic
63 Labels for each column in the pattern view. New Feature trusktr trusktr
64 Sometimes the audio-level indicator on the machines shows nothing. Bug trusktr
66 Highlight the slot [.] being hovered on with the mouse in pattern view. New Feature trusktr trusktr
67 Show a tooltip in pattern view when hovering over a slot. New Feature trusktr trusktr
68 Show a tooltip in sequence view when hovering on a track's tab. New Feature trusktr trusktr
69 Make it obvious how to expand the end-of-song marker. Improvement trusktr trusktr
70 Allow adding or removing voices from a pattern after having created it. Improvement trusktr ensonic
72 Add option to set number of undo levels. New Feature trusktr trusktr
73 Allow for menu item keyboard shortcuts to be instantly changed by hovering on them and pressing a key combo. New Feature trusktr trusktr
74 Build of bml from git fails with deprecation warning in src/bmltest_process.c Bug jmx ensonic
75 Build error on Arch Linux x86_64 Bug Gimmeapill

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