buzztard project status 01/12/2011

Over the last 2 month I did quite a bit of work on the GStreamer side. Right now we’re working on 0.10 and 0.11 in parallel. I worked on the audiovisualizers and opencv elements in 0.10. I added a freeverb port to 0.10. In 0.11 I updated the controller susbsystem. If is now a lot easier to use and faster too. I also ported the audiovisualizers and fixed a few elements here and there.

In the beginning of November I gave a seminar about mobile multimedia using GStreamer. For that I wanted to have a few more examples. I have been polishing some examples in GStreamer and adding some more (simple audio-mixer with xfade). One example is a nice showcase for how easy you can do some things. It is called tonematrix. It is 497 lines of c, including comments, a GTK ui with an own widget and the whole GStreamer handling. The toy supports different sounds, different speeds and different scales.

Buzztard allows live control of audio elements. Right now can use midi and hid devices. The software that exposes the wiimote as a hid device uses uinput. This is a kernel device with a simple api that allows user-space apps to create hid devices. I wrote a small toy (280 lines of c) that can use different GStreamer pipelines containing analyzer elements and map the detected features to virtual joystick controls. The simplest example is to map the loudness of the mic-input to the x-axis. A similar example is to map the brightness of the
camera input to a joystick axis. Then you can control e.g. the filter-cutoff of a synthesizer by shielding the light from the camera sensor. Now the fun starts with the recently improved facedetect plugin in GStreamer. This can not only detect the faces, but also the positions of eyes, nose and mouth within the face. Unfortunately the detection is not very stable when drawing faces. The idea here obviously is to make grimaces and control sound with that. A very expressive performance 🙂

I also spend a lot of time to track down issues with dynamic linking. A few more fixes are done on buzztard side and GStreamer side. I think on the buzztard side things are good for a release. Everything is reviewed (docs, demo-songs, …) and make distcheck passes 🙂

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