ANN: buzztard 0.6.0

The buzztard team has released version 0.6.0 “black beats blue” of its buzz-alike music composer. All modules got extensive improvements over the last release from more than two years ago. Give it a try, join hacking and report bugs.

Improved machine compatibility.

Several bug fixes and better compatibility.

Main feature of this release is full undo/redo support. Related to it is the journaling of edit action and the crash recovery. This way chances of losing changes in the song are quite low. Other UI improvements are: tip of day, improved spectrum analyzer, clipboard support, more commands in context menus and many more). This release features a gstreamer decoder that enables playback of buzztard songs in any gstreamer based media player.
We also kept the buzztard codebase clean and ported from deprecated APIs to the successors (gnomevfs->gio, hal->gudev). The libraries and the applications got performance improvements in many areas.
Also the docs have been improved a lot with tutorials, keyboard shortcut tables, better coverage and man-pages.

Lots of code cleanups. Get rid of the temporary help interface. Switch from liboil to orc. Performance improvements.

downloads :

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  • a quick follow up. I have released bml-0.6.1 as a quick fix, as the
    tarball was missing the BuzzmachineLoader.dll and therefore the
    buzzmachine emulation of original dll’s under x86-32bit won’t work.

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