buzztard project status 01/05/2012

More cruft removal this month. We dropped some more configure options (thanks Adrian) and removed more old/unused code. The project also got the first commits merged from Thomas – our GSoC student.

The pattern class had a boolean parameter to chose between command and data patterns. I refactored that into a proper class hierarchy. The downside of that is that we need more casts now :/

I also continued in the duplicated code cleanups. We have now a value-group, that holds the pattern portion for a parameter-group. This way I could remove lots of code from pattern and sequence. Finally I could also remove wire-pattern itself. I am not totally happy with the extra code for loading and saving now, but have some ideas here too.

The UI tests have a couple more helpers to synthesize events and saw a couple of cleanups. The tests have been really useful for all the refactorings.

97 files changed, 4684 insertions(+), 5279 deletions(-)

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