buzztard project status 01/07/2012

I did more test cleanups and finally the libs are done. I am going to increase the coverage more, but it is quite good already. We’re having more than 200 test for libbuzztard-core now. That helps making changes.

One aspect of writing tests is also to check the API for testability. While working on the wire tests I noticed that we had a disabled test to check for cycles in the machine graph. There where basics checks in the UI, which I now moved to core as new API, expanded it to actuall do a full cycle check and enabled the tests.

While updating the test suites I had a couple tests that I still did not like much. They were all iterating over an array of parameters (input files, extensions) and tested them. What is the problem? It is only a problem if things fail. In the current setup, the test would stop on the first failing parameter. If it would also run for the remaining parameters, I might get a better idea what actually wrong. Besides that, I also don’t see right now for which parameter it fails (I need to log it and take a look at the log). Luckily the Check library has loop tests. They are simple to use, instead of tcase_add_test(), use tcase_add_loop_test() and pass the start/stop index to the
test. From within the test you can access ‘_i’ to fetch the parameter set. If the tests run via CK_FORK=yes (which is the default), each loop runs in a new process.

I gave a talk at work about electronic music and used buzztard to demo a few things. While preparing the demos, I naturally found quite a few bugs. This time I also wrote more tests for these things.

build times of the buzztard moduleThe other big change in the repo is the migration to non-recursive make. I started on the buzztard module. The first step was to still recurse into docs, po, src and tests. That gave some nice speedup already. Then I rebased also src and test to the project root and used includes to keep the Makefile maintainable. This unfortunately made things little slower as I have to do:
SUBDIR = . po docs
The problem here is that the docs will link the libraries to introspect them, but don’t depend on them :/ Adding a dependency in there does not work, as the Makefile in the docs-dir does not know the rules for how to make them. On the slow down, the config.status run is faster (two less Makefiles to make), but the ‘.’ in SUBDIRS causes a recursive make invocation for the project root. And thats where we have the big Makefile :/ The workaround I am using now is to have own all-local, check-local, clean-local, install-data-local and uninstall-local targets. The good thing of it is, that now the rules to build the api docs have proper dependencies on the libraries they introspect. In order to see how far I can speed up things, I also trimmed the includes. The effect of this can be seen in the third group of measurements. The benchmarking was not to elaborate, but the big picture is clear.

Some general tips for how to do the change below:

  • in the, first set all kind of vars (so that in includes you can do VAR += …)
  • include the per subdir rules
  • add common rules
  • targets in e.g. “lib_LTLIBRARIES =” have to be in dependency order, wtf!

So far, this looks good (aka ‘make distcheck’ passes). Will do this for the other modules next month.

Tom made good progress on the audiosynth base class. I just merged the branch. Now it writing a audio synth is a lot less code.

169 files changed, 7236 insertions(+), 6459 deletions(-)

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