buzztard project status 01/10/2012

After a discussion on IRC about tunings I looked into adding some of those to the ToneConversion class which so far only implemented the usual equal temperament. I have to say the wikipedia articles on this matter are awesome, detailed and plentiful. I added two 12tone tunings to the ToneConversion class now and implemented tuning in sidsyn and simsyn.

I also had a look at the TODO comments and planned items on the wiki. When I was writing the list model classes I did not wrote ones for the wavetable and wave-level-list. I did this now. The list models can also be tested separately from the UI (which is harder to test). I wrote basic tests for all model classes which bumps the test coverage in the ui by 10% (61% classes have tests now, 105 ui tests).

IRC was quite active this month. Another chat was on the wave-table page and wave-preview. The workflow was indeed needless complicated. Now preview is a toggle and if it is active, moving the selection in the file-browser will play sounds. Other discussion motivated me to implement audio-device selection in the settings. So far one could only select the protocol. Now for e.g. alsa or pulseaudio one can also choose to which device to play the audio. While working on the settings I started to make the interaction controller setting more useful. So far the only use of this settings-tab was to list the detected settings. I added a couple of messages to help the user to know what to do when e.g. the list of devices is empty. And I started to implement batch-learning of controls to the settings.

84 files changed, 4199 insertions(+), 1653 deletions(-)

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