buzztard project status 01/01/2013

Happy new 2013!

Besides a lot of testing and little bug fixes here and there I finished of a few half ready features. One is range-randomize (press Ctrl+Shift+R). In contrast to randomize which takes the parameters min-max value as bounds, this one picks the bounds from the first and last value in the selected range. The other one is that now one can rename machines also from the sequence headers. I was afraid that swapping the GtkLabel with a GtkEntry would use too much space and look ugly, but luckily one can turn off the frame. I still get a different background color though.

During testing I noticed some inconsistencies when renaming machines and found a rather bad data corruption. Certain interaction would create songs that won’t read back fully. One can manually fix them up (it is xml after all). I fixed the bug and could even make the format a bit simpler. I had to touch quite a few places:
30 files changed, 246 insertions(+), 404 deletions(-)
Old songs can still be read, but songs written with the new version, also need the new version for reading. One lesson learned, the ‘id’ attribute in xml is special.

Another results from testing is that the shell based test scripts can now be run standalone to check a bunch of songs (do syntax check, print stats, convert or encode songs).

Finally I entered string freeze for 0.7. I already received the first updates for the translations, thanks a lot! I am looking forward to release it soon.

438 files changed, 3138 insertions(+), 2800 deletions(-)

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