buzztard project status 01/12/2012

At the beginning of the month I made a few changes to the pattern editor. It now has a binding to the ‘,’ key, which insert the current parameter value into the pattern. This is a neat shortcut for using the ui to tune a parameter and then copy the base value to the pattern. Another change in the pattern editor is that it now shows tinted bars under the numeric values. If one ramps a parameter from max to min, it would now show that also graphically. At some point I have to add mouse editing.

I did a round of code cleanups. The ugly workaround for the type punning warnings is gone, as they don’t occur anymore.

I also added a new element to gst-buzztard called ‘wavetabsyn’. It uses the wavetable oscillator component to loop a tiny grain and one can use the offset parameter to set the position in the sample where the grain is taken from. The osc component can now do trivial resampling, so that one can play melodies. The new element also uses the asdr-envelope component.

The rest of the month was preparations for the next release: autofoo modernisation, test cleanups, api-doc updates and so on. The tests now write individual logs for each test. That makes looking at the logs of a failing test much easier. I also silenced the remaining tests that where beeping during ‘make check’. Finally I spend more time actually using buzztard:

Found and fixed a few more bugs and usability quirks.

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