buzztard 0.7.0

The buzztard team has released version 0.7.0 “victory, not vengeance” of its buzz-alike music composer.


Maintainance release with autofoo and code cleanups.


Compatibility improvements for buzzmachines. Modularization of synth components (audiosynth base class, filters, oscillators and envelope generators). New elements (sidsyn, wavereplay, wavtabsynth).


This release comes with a large number of smaller changes. Audio settings are more flexible and allow to choose a target latency. Jack users will be happy to see that we keep the session alive. We rewrote our test suite, fixed lots of bugs and refactored a large part of the code base. This summer we had a GSoC student, who implemented GStreamer EncodeBin support, which improves the song rendering code, wrote a audio-synth baseclass that greatly simplifies writing a new synth and wrote the pattern control source that allowed us to remove a lot of complicated code from the sequencer core.


This module has been merged into buzztard.

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