buzztard project status 01/02/2013

We started the year with a release in the beginning of January. So far only a few issues were reported. Patches for these are on the 0.7.1 branch. One last minute change in 0.7 was the departure from trying to link/unlink elements in gstreamer while playing. I sadly have to conclude that in 0.10 this only works for some cases. It was working sort of okayish for buzztard, but the were still deadlocks or internal dataflow errors from time to time. One such scenario is that when you happen to reconnect elements while the song loops. These things are not easy to sync from the application level. Lets hope this is easier in 1.0. The sticky events should help with setting up the context from new elements.

On the mainline I bumped the required library version and removed the ifdefs for the backwards compatibility. As a first bigger change, I ported the settings from gconf to dconf. We had a settings abstraction to other gconf or play keyfiles, which we now removed. Altogether I kept to use an intermediate object that exposes settings as a gobject with properties for the keys. This allows to use notify to bind to property changes instead of using a custom api.

Then I started with porting gst-buzztard & buzztard to gstreamer-1.0. I made good progress. I will report the details in the next update.

77 files changed, 5892 insertions(+), 8131 deletions(-)

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