project status 01/05/2013

We applied as an organisation to take part in the Google Summer of Code program, but got rejected mainly due to the project name. As this was not the first time people where uncomfortable with the name, we renamed the project – buzztard is now called buzztrax. The homepage with the wiki and wordpress already got moved. The renamed codebase is online at github. The mailing lists have been migrated to A few things still need to be fixed (e.g. file releases).

Besides the renaming there are also some improvements on the code side. I am probably the last one to discover the g_signal_handlers_disconnect_by_* macros. Using these made the code a bit leaner. I also worked on the level-meter features. I did some cleanups on the widget. The syncing code is more efficient as we listen to sync-messages on the gstreamer side to avoid another thread round trip. Song rendering can disabled the level-meters for less noise on the screen and some performance savings. The song-rendering now uses the TOC support in gstreamer-1.0. That means that the labels of a song (intro, chorus, break, …) will end up in wav and flac files right now. When other formats support toc, this will automatically work for those formats too. The flag in ogg muxing got fixed in upstream and now works for us again.

56 files changed, 715 insertions(+), 631 deletions(-)

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