project status 01/07/2013

The last two month I mostly worked on porting the UI from gtk+2 and gnome-canvas to gtk+3 and clutter. First I ported our own widgets (vumeter, waveform-viewer and pattern-editor). This was relative straight forward. One issue were the colors. I was using GtkStyle->bg[state] to draw the background, but the color there is simply wrong. Will have to see if things look better if I use GtkStyleContext.

I also wrote a prototype for a gnome-canvas replacement using clutter. This looks nice now and I am quite excited about the potential for adding nice stuff in the future. Clutter is a lot more powerful than gnome-canvas.

Right now I am in the middle of porting buzztrax-edit to gtk3. The application already compiles and starts. Getting it back to compile was about two evenings. Biggest work was to replace the v/h widgets with the orientable variants. After that came a lot of soft-breaks, e.g. “expose-event” signal -> “draw” signal. Some of the things are documented, but e.g. what to do as an application if you where using the “size-request” to provide a sane natural size to scrolled windows is left as an exercise to the reader :/ Next came attacking all the layout changes. I’ve figured solutions/hacks for many of them, but I guess this will keep me busy for a while.

On the machine view, I’ll also need to do a lot more work. The basics work, but there is quite a few things commented out still. Many thanks to the folks in the clutter irc channel for their help so far.

700 files changed, 21979 insertions(+), 17892 deletions(-)

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