project status 01/12/2013

I case you wonder whats up with the buzztrax, I finally have some updates.

First I declare the porting to be done. There might be some small things left here and there, but overall things are back in a working condition. 99% of the tests pass. I am now rewriting the dynamic relinking one more time. GStreamer 1.0 is now offering better API here and I am using this already for the analyzers. I am now trying the same for all cases where I relink elements.

I’ve ‘wasted’ some time last month trying to setup continuous integration at The system is quite nice and easy to use. Unfortunately the base image is Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. That is not recent enough to build buzztrax git head. Luckily one can add PPAs for extra packages. Unfortunately not so easy – I could not find a PPA where someone packages gstreamer > 1.1 for 12.04. I’ve tried to clone gstreamer packages and rebuild them for 12.04, I took the debian packages and tried to rebuild them, but all fails. I can get orc + gstreamer to be built. For gst-plugin-base the tests hang. When I disable ORC on the builder (in debian/rules), I can get gst-plugin-base to build for amd64. gst-plugin-good fails as gst-plugin-good is not available. I am to stupid for packaging :/

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