project status 07/2014

First, sorry for not keeping up with regular posts. Anyway, the good news is that we releasing version 0.8 soon. While this cycle does not bring a lot of new features, it has tons of changes. The base libraries we’re using wen’t through major api updates and we had to do the porting:

  • gconf ⇒ dconf/gsettings
  • gtk+-2.x ⇒ gtk+-3.x
  • gstreamer-0.10 ⇒ gstreamer-1.0
  • gnomecanvas ⇒ clutter

Together with this cam e a bunch of code cleanups and yet more tests. I feel confident that the code is stable. Any testing of the git codebase is appreciated though. All the information about building from git are in the wiki.

In the meantime, I started playing with OSC again and I think that will be the first new feature in the 0.9 cycle.

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