project status 12/2014

Now that two month passed since the release, I have a little update on whats going on. First we moved all the bugs over to github too, I love the way you can link things together over there. We also did a bug scrub and filed more ideas as tickets.

On the code base I ported all GtkTables to GtkGrid as the former is deprecated. A few of the dialogs got simplified in the process. We’ve fixed a few of the new tickets to improved the UI. As one of the first new features, we now have Alsa sequencer support. That means you can e.g. use vkeydb to control machine parameters in buzztrax.

Joe started to run builds on MacOS and filed lots of tickets for portability issues. Two modules should be good by now – buzzmachines and bml. We proceed with the others next.

In the core I improved error handling for song-io. All API now has GError details of what went wrong.

87 files changed, 3440 insertions(+), 999 deletions(-)

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