release 0.10.2 "loudest"

Merry Christmas and a happy new year. With buzztrax now in Debian and ongoing builds for openSUSE I got a few bug reports. Over Christmas I’ve been fixing many of them and here is a new release with the fixes included.

release 0.10.1 "louder"

Right after 0.10 got out, I found some time to start a little tune and found some bugs :-/ I’ve put the song aside and set out on fixing the bugs. And tada! here is the 0.10.1 release. Now back to the song 🙂

release 0.10.0

Just a few month since the previous release, this update mostly focuses on getting rid of deprecated APIs. Besides that it also comes with a new synthesizer plugin called ‘ebeats’. As the name suggests it is good at making percussion sounds. Together with that the library providing the dsp components got overhauled.

release 0.9.0

In this cycle we did a lot of finetuning on the gtk+3 port. More deprecated APIs are replaced with the new API. We did a lot of work on theming; e.g. all colors are now defined in the css files and settings let you select theme variants such as a dark theme.

The interaction . . . → Read More

buzztrax 0.8.0 "bladerunner"

The buzztrax team has released version 0.8.0 “bladerunner” of its buzz-alike music composer.


Code reorganization and experimental support for 32bit windows dll plugins on 64bit x86.


Port to gstreamer-1.0. Various code cleanups and api-doc updates.


Port the code base to the recent version of the libraries we’re using. We switched from . . . → Read More

buzztard 0.7.0

The buzztard team has released version 0.7.0 “victory, not vengeance” of its buzz-alike music composer.


Maintainance release with autofoo and code cleanups.


Compatibility improvements for buzzmachines. Modularization of synth components (audiosynth base class, filters, oscillators and envelope generators). New elements (sidsyn, wavereplay, wavtabsynth).


This release comes with a large number of . . . → Read More

ANN: buzztard 0.6.0

The buzztard team has released version 0.6.0 “black beats blue” of its buzz-alike music composer. All modules got extensive improvements over the last release from more than two years ago. Give it a try, join hacking and report bugs.

bml Improved machine compatibility.

bsl Several bug fixes and better compatibility.

buzztard Main feature of . . . → Read More