pre release tarballs for 0.7

I uploaded pre-release tarballs at:

bml-0.7.0.tar.gz buzztard-0.7.0.tar.gz gst-buzztard-0.7.0.tar.gz

bsl has been integrated into the buzztard module. The files are not the final version (will bump dates in the docs etc.). It would be great if packagers could give these a try, so that I could still make needed fixes before releasing.

New synthesizer base class

As part of my Google Summer of Code project I’ve been working on an audiosynth base class to make the creation of new synthesizers in the future much simpler. I’m pleased to announce that this is complete and is now utilized by both simsyn and fluidsynth. There are two virtual methods that must be . . . → Read More

Jhbuild polished

After a while we have tried to check if our Jhbiuld works as before. Now we have fixed some small issues with the Jhbuild.rc files. If you compile and run buzztard now with our Jhbuild instructions, you will also have the installed buzz-machines available and can direct start to compose.

more machines available

For the poor people who are not on a x86-32bit platform – go and update your buzzmachines checkout. I ported 8 more machines (and I am not done yet).


Buzztrax aims to be a music studio that allows one to compose songs using only a computer with a soundcard. If you’ve usedĀ tracker programs like FastTracker, Impulse Tracker, or the original AMIGA SoundTracker, that will give you an idea of how one can sequence music in Buzztrax. The Buzztrax editor uses a similar . . . → Read More