project status 01/05/2013

We applied as an organisation to take part in the Google Summer of Code program, but got rejected mainly due to the project name. As this was not the first time people where uncomfortable with the name, we renamed the project – buzztard is now called buzztrax. The homepage with the wiki and wordpress . . . → Read More


buzztard project status 01/04/2013

This month I mostly cleaned up small bits and pieces from the gstreamer-1.0 port. Most notably multitrack encoding works again. The handling of EOS and starting of the next track was racy. Speaking of the recording dialog – this one now has some basics for a silent mode implemented. For now it only disables . . . → Read More

buzztard project status 01/03/2013

As I already mentioned in last months issue, I ported buzztard and gst-buzztard to use gstreamer-1.0. It will require 1.1.X for some fixes in gstreamer itself. So how did it went. The basic porting to make it compile against 1.0 took about 20 hours spread over a couple of days. It is quite straight . . . → Read More

buzztard project status 01/02/2013

We started the year with a release in the beginning of January. So far only a few issues were reported. Patches for these are on the 0.7.1 branch. One last minute change in 0.7 was the departure from trying to link/unlink elements in gstreamer while playing. I sadly have to conclude that in 0.10 . . . → Read More

buzztard 0.7.0

The buzztard team has released version 0.7.0 “victory, not vengeance” of its buzz-alike music composer.


Maintainance release with autofoo and code cleanups.


Compatibility improvements for buzzmachines. Modularization of synth components (audiosynth base class, filters, oscillators and envelope generators). New elements (sidsyn, wavereplay, wavtabsynth).


This release comes with a large number of . . . → Read More

pre release tarballs for 0.7

I uploaded pre-release tarballs at:

bml-0.7.0.tar.gz buzztard-0.7.0.tar.gz gst-buzztard-0.7.0.tar.gz

bsl has been integrated into the buzztard module. The files are not the final version (will bump dates in the docs etc.). It would be great if packagers could give these a try, so that I could still make needed fixes before releasing.

buzztard project status 01/01/2013

Happy new 2013!

Besides a lot of testing and little bug fixes here and there I finished of a few half ready features. One is range-randomize (press Ctrl+Shift+R). In contrast to randomize which takes the parameters min-max value as bounds, this one picks the bounds from the first and last value in the selected . . . → Read More

buzztard project status 01/12/2012

At the beginning of the month I made a few changes to the pattern editor. It now has a binding to the ‘,’ key, which insert the current parameter value into the pattern. This is a neat shortcut for using the ui to tune a parameter and then copy the base value to the . . . → Read More

buzztard project status 01/11/2012

Finally pushed the pattern control-source: 26 files changed, 1204 insertions, 1333 deletions. It looks like only a little gain in code size, but that is not true; we added more tests and splitting up a large class always comes with some boilerplate for the new class. There are still some opportunities for optimizations, which . . . → Read More

buzztard project status 01/10/2012

After a discussion on IRC about tunings I looked into adding some of those to the ToneConversion class which so far only implemented the usual equal temperament. I have to say the wikipedia articles on this matter are awesome, detailed and plentiful. I added two 12tone tunings to the ToneConversion class now and implemented . . . → Read More